Do either of force-draw and priority actually work for captions and/or symbols?

John Campbell shared this question 8 years ago

Both force-draw and priority are listed in the documentation for vector map themes but with no syntax given. I have picked up that correct syntax is force-draw="1" but what is the syntax for priority? And do they work in any case? In particular, I'm trying to control clashing captions

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The syntax for force-draw is really force-draw="1" (default force-draw="0"). force-draw="1" means that collision with another symbols is turned of and symbol with this tag is printed everytime/everywhere. In case of force-draw="0" render library check if symbol collides with another one (if yes then symbol is not printed).

Priority was our testing feature to force rendering of caption. I thing that syntax was priority="<integer>" and higher number has higher priority. But this feature was too complex that it's never worked properly and we've never used it. I guess that it doesn't work at all :)


That's priority ruled out then.

According to the manual, force-draw applies for captions as well as symbols. It doesn't seem to - does it (a) never work (b) work randomly (c) work according to some sophisticated algorithm?


You're right. I've little bit edited the manual pages. We're planning some improvements during summer so maybe we can focus on it.

But the texts/captions are generally quite complicated part of MapsForge renderer. So rendering caption works randomly. There is no way how to force rendering some specified caption (although that menion made lots of changes in renderer library).

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