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Does FieldNotes count "Webcam photo taken" correctly?

konsumschaf shared this problem 5 years ago

Hi ...

The FieldNotes Plugin seams to ignore "Webcam photo taken" when calculating the finds of one month/year/overall.

I have logged all my finds in this corresponding month using Locus. FiledNotes tells me, I have found 102 while groundspeak shows 103 (which is correct). I checked the filednotes.txt and there are 103 as well. The only unusual cache has been one "Webcam photo taken".

Is it possible, that the plugin ignores webcam-caches?

Is there any way to re-calculate the statistics?

Thanks in advance

Thomas (konsumschaf)

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Good day,

it is possible that Locus Map counts this cache incorrectly. I'll check it after return from vacation. Till then please fix incorrect value in Locus Map > Settings > geocaching. Thank you



You got me wrong here, Locus itself counts correct, its just the counter within the Field Notes Addon.


Ah thanks for additional information. In this case, I'm adding a task to developer of "Field notes add-on". We have to wait on his response here.

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