Does Locus Map on Android use location data for track recording from Garmin watches?

Hambone shared this question 2 years ago

Can Locus for Android use location data for track recording from Garmin GPS watches over blutooth? Specifically, will the Garmin Vívoactive 3 allow recording tracks with the android phone stowed in a pocket or pack. I searched FAQs/forums and could not locate the answer.

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1) Garmin device can't be currently used as external GPS for Locus Map to send real-time localisation data to phone. But you can record track by Garmin and import it to Locus Map later.

2) With Locus Map for Garmin addon, you can record track by Locus Map in smartphone and see statistics on your Garmin.

Hope this clarify your question.

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I bought a Vivoactive 3 watch. Can I transfer the  gps track from the watch directly to the locus map pro app? I know I can use a PC or laptop but I live in 2019 not 1999. Is an iTunes plug-in next? I bought the Locus for Garmin app. I'm trying to make this work.

My use scenario is to use the watch to record data while mountain biking or windsurfing. I have no need to refer to the phone app while in motion. I would refer to the watch to get distance traveled, elapsed time and max speed. Later, I want to export the track data directly to locus map pro on android and save the track and any other data as possible.  I see the import track feature on Locus for Android but I cannot seem to locate the garmin data on the android device.  Is this possible? I am contemplating returning the watch and giving up on this all together.



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Hi, there are two ways for you.

1) record your activity by your phone, while seeing all important data on your watch. With this approach, you will have track immediately ready in your Locus Map. The only downside, that you can't start/stop recording from your watch for now, but we are planning to introduce it to future version of Locus Map for Garmin.

2) Record activity via your watch (also supported by the Locus Map for Garmin app). In this case, after you save your activity it will be synchronised to Garmin Connect service. Locus doesn't not support yet to automatic synchronisation of tracks with Garmin Connect (may be introduced in the future), so your only option is to export the track from there and import it to Locus manually.

Hope this helped.

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