Does Provider.xml support multilayer map?

황재광 shared this question 5 days ago
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I have checked how to configure Provers.xml at Custom Online maps to add maps

I followed it and Thankfully It is working but Multilayer maps are not

At least, two of urls need to be added in one Provider for supporting multilayer map but there isn't mentioned about it

I could add only one url So, I couldn't complete perfect map

If Provers.xml. support multilyer map, can you let me know how to configure it?

If not, will you support multilayer map configuration next update?

Have a nice day!

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as you may see in the documentation, there is a parameter "background".

What you have to do, is to define both map layers in the XML file and then in second map layer, set

background="ID of first top layer"
Let me know if this works for you.