Does Wear for Locus Map display tracks ?

Romeo shared this question 3 years ago


This Wear app really seems interesting. I'm thinking of buying a smartwatch because of this app.

I'd like to know if the Wear app displays tracks on the watch? (Same stored track being displayed on the phone, not just track that is being recorded ).

Normally I have a track displayed on the phone to follow while walking/cycling.


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basically yes, we are trying to display the same information on the watch as you would see on the phone. There is one limitation though, the watch map is not interactive to work with your content so you have to set up the tracks to display/hide beforehand on the phone.

There is also a bug that when Locus Map is inactive and you close it (by e.g. using back button or simply locking/turning off phone screen) then Wear application loses context which includes tracks and displays only selected map without your content. We know of this bug but it is harder to fix as it requires some bigger changes in Locus Map itself so the fix might take a while. As a workaround you can have track recording or live tracking enabled or enable Locus Map as service which keep Locus Map active even in the background and then all your content should be displayed on the watch all the time as well.


Thank you for your clear answer. That it displays the same information as on my phone is exactly what I am looking for.

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