Does not show details for geocaches (imported from GPX)

khorporative shared this problem 6 years ago

It was working just fine until at some point (with some version update apparently) it stopped to load cache listing. It does not report any problems when importing GPX, also shows boxes on the map, but when I click on the box and then the left button (with map of the world icon) to see the details, the window just closes (and detail window does not show up).

Locus version 2.7.1

Cyanogenmod 7

LG Optimus One (P500)

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Hi khorporative,

importing geocachings via GPX works fine for me with V2.7.1, so your problems might be in your gpx file.

What`s the origin of your gpx file? or some third party tool like gsak? Can you provide your gpx file (or a small test file) here so I (and others) could test it on our devices?


just reread your posting... The most left button should be a "load" button, not the map of the world. The map of the world means "display on map" and does exactly what you describe -> close popup window and display the cache on the map. The load button seems to be missing for you - something failed during import of caches. Providing the gpx file to us could help...


Indeed, that makes sense. I always used the most left button without paying attention.

How can I send you gpx file?


hmm perfect. You may send me some file directly on I`ll check it immediately. Also please write me source of your file, because I think problem in this case will be in file and not in Locus itself