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Don't disable the dashboard when using the Android Back-Button

Jan Götze shared this question 5 years ago

When I use a dashboard with a preset, it will be disabled when I use the Android Back-Button. But I'd like to use it constantly until I switch to another preset.

Is there a way to get that?

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Hello Jan

open your preset with "preset editor" top right 3-dot button/Einstellungen/ uncheck "Beenden mit Zurück-Taste" > speichern

Reopen your preset, now it should work as you want



Hi Jan,

to sum it up:

1) you have a preset defined with a dashboard

2) you turn it on (Presets > your preset >you tap on it

3) the preset with dashboard is active, dashboard is visible on the map screen

4) you tap the Android back button

5) the dashboard disappears

Is this the case? I can't simulate it...


Hi Jan,

you don't have to reply, I found it with a little help of Locus main developer. There's an option to close a dashboard by the "back" button. You can find it in settings of your dashboard (open it in dashboard editor and tap three-dot menu in the topbar > settings):


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