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Double tap and hold to zoom, is not responsive shared this problem 4 years ago

I want to indicate here that zooming maps in/out by double tap and hold in Locus Pro is not responsive. It kinda works, but often I fail to get it into zooming or moving the map at all. I compare on the very same device to Google Maps and that app works like butter, so smooth. Maps never gives me a false double tap. And nothing is running in the background, loading the CPU or so. The device is a Nexus 5X with Android 712. I could make a video of me while double tapping in Locus vs Maps and show the diff. Thanks!

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I was now experimenting with one alternative solution directly from Google, how to handle scaling of map, but it really does not fit needs of Locus Map.

My personal experiend with scaling is very positive, so I suggest as first step, to test if something is not slowing Locus on your device.

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