Doubleclick Zoom-function direction

L. J. Smee shared this problem 5 years ago

Hey guys,

the zoom-function where I doubleclick, hold and drag either upwards or downwards to zoom in or out seems to have a direction-reverse-problem.

When the map is in static up=north view mode you zoom out by dragging upwards, but once the 'rotate map'-option is turned on you zoom out by dragging downwards, which I find most confusing. Since I don't see any obvious reason to code this very useful function in this manner, I find it would be a bug.

Unfortunately I can't make a screenshot of this phenomenon and I can't make a video, either. If the description needs further clarification, please let me know.

Thanks and best regards.

L. J.

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Good day L. J. Smee,

thank you for a precise report. You are of course correct. Issue found and fixed!


Good day Menion,

that was fast! Many thanks for the quick help.

Best regards