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AmirReza Pakroo shared this question 6 years ago


I bought this software recently and I need to use it for my trip from north to south of new zeland.

I need to get entire topography map of new zeland in just one or two days before my trip,

but unfortunately the software has got daily limitation for downloading maps up to just 500 tiles for each day ! and its useless for me right now!

How I can download entire new zeland's map without this limitation as I dont have enough time for its daily downloading ?

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I'm sorry for this situation but we're not able to help. This limitation is defined by provider of this map and we have to respect it.

Please consider if you really need to download whole NZ Topo maps. I suggest to combine Locus vector maps with NZ Topo maps. Locus vector maps are prepared for whole countries and have 10x lower size. You can download vector maps from oLocus store - see:

Then please download most wanted areas from NZ Topo maps.

Thank you for understanding


You can download NZ topo maps for free from here:

Unfortunately the files are in the very common geoTIFF format, and I haven't been able to work out how to get them into something that Locus can read - e.g. the more obscure SQLite format.


Hi Carl.

you can use for example Mapc2mapc SW to convert geotiff to sqlite format.

Please see:


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