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Download free LoMaps from Locus Store on new phone

c.s.g. shared this question 3 years ago


I do not have this problem, so this question is only for curiosity.

Here you are describing how to move Locus to a new phone. You mention that "You don't have to back up LoMaps. These can be re-download from Locus Store for free."

Is this also true for the 3 free LoMaps you get, when you buy Locus Pro 3.x and never bought any update for the 3 free LoMaps? I. e. you only downloaded the 3 free LoMaps and never update them via Locus Store.

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yes, you can download these 3 free LoMaps for free. ( but you can download only the maps in the version you downloaded for the first time). It's the same behavior that's applied for purchased LoMaps.

Thanks, Petr

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