Download Ghana LoMaps fails at 99%

Colin Deady shared this problem 2 years ago
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I've bought the Ghana LoMaps map but the download always fails at 98% - 99% with the message:

Item was not downloaded correctly.

Please try again later!

I have been trying for about 3 hours and am unsure what to do now. Plus have tried on both 4G and WiFi with the same result.

I'm using the latest version 3.20.1 on HTC One M8 (the problem also occurred prior to upgrade with the same map). I have plenty of internal and SD card space free, especially given the map is only circa 60MB.

Any suggestions gratefully received, thanks.

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Hello Colin

I'm sorry for troubles. I've tried to download the map and there is no problem our my site. Would you please try to create debug log for us? It should give us more information what happen on your device. How to create the log is described in

Please try to download map again > wait for "Item was not downloaded correctly." error message and after that create log via Android settings as is described in mentioned link.

Thank you for your help

Best regards




I have the log file for you: if I enclose it here will it be appended to the ticket? Obviously it should not be given the data it contains.



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Hi Petr,

Guess what: it's an SD card problem (again). I have maps and mapsVector on ext SD. Changing back to default internal sd and the download completes without problem.


Hello Colin,

thank you for update and sorry for you SDcard, Please backup your data and try to check it via some SDcard health tool.

Thank you

Best regards