Download map tiles around visible points only

SV Hovland shared this idea 2 years ago
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When downloading map tiles around points, it seems the app tries to download map tiles around all points in the folder and not only the ones that are visible. This function would be SO MUCH MORE useful if only map tiles around _visible_ points where downloaded.

In my case there is over 2000 points in the folder and continuing with downloding map is impossible for the zoom level I wanted.



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I like this idea!

I understand the existing feature is designed to download map tiles around all points in a folder. However, SV Hovland's suggestion makes perfect sense and provides easier selection of points. If I select 6 of 2271 points in a folder then those are the only points that should be considered when downloading map tiles.

The way the feature works now, you would need to copy the 6 points to a new folder and then choose this new folder for downloading the surrounding map tiles. That is much less convenient than just using the visible points in a folder.