Download map around POI is slow

Jen ovečka shared this idea 11 years ago
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I wrote about this to Locus forum and you told me to post this also here.

When I download map around POI for few points which are distant from each other, it looks like Locus is downloading e.g. 200,000 tiles.

I understand it works the way it makes rectangle around all points and then checks which tiles in this rectangle are close enough to any of these points. But it runs only about 100-500 tiles/sec on my Nexus S. So if this rectangle is made of 200,000 tiles, it works for ~15 minutes even if there are only about 100 tiles to download.

Are you able to change this behavior to make it work faster?

I made simple app for WinMobile 6 some time ago which did this: it converted GPS coords to tiles` coords, added & substracted 1 somehow and I had 9 tiles around every point. It was pretty fast even though it was slow .NET app on slow WM device written by someone who`s not very good programmer. So I`d be great if Locus did this similar way. :-)

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