Dynamic Elevation ignores Offline Mode

Viajero Perdido shared this problem 4 years ago
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I really like the Dynamic Elevation feature when I'm looking at an area with HGT files (for contour shading). It shows the elevation immediately and continuously, obviously from that HGT data. I'm referring to the optional display of elevation as a number next to the crosshair.

Apparently when there's no HGT data, Locus queries a server to get the elevation after a delay. It does this even if I've selected Offline Mode (sounds like a bug), and only fails (and shows "? m") if I've selected Airplane Mode in Android directly. I'd rather not waste bandwidth on somebody's server when I'm not even looking at the result.

This is minor I'll admit, but I think it should respect Offline Mode. Thank you.

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Good day Viajero,

about what "offline mode" we are talking here? As I remember, Locus does not have any global settings for "offline mode".


Quick Settings -> Offline Mode


Settings -> Maps -> Online Maps -> Offline Mode

(The latter does mention "tiles", but I think it's more intuitive for offline to mean fully offline, no?)

Thanks, VP


Hmm I thought it. Both are exactly same settings. As you wrote, this option in is "Online maps" section and it's description is "Use cached tiles only to display online maps". This is really meant to be only for using of online maps, nothing more.

There is no "complete offline mode" in application.

Suggest to use airplane mode or some tool like this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.faircode.netguard

I appreciate your concern about bandwidth on "Elevation server". It's a really nice paid service (which unfortunately end after few days, so we will have to find different solution), so it's also our interest to use it less, but I believe that in these days, offline mode controled by application is not ideal solution, when it may be covered by system itself (my Samsung has option to directly deny access to internet per application) or by any 3rd party tool.

Hope my opinion is clear.


I'd be happy if you removed the online version of dynamic elevation completely. I wouldn't miss it, and you'd save money.

But the offline version is brilliant. That part I love.

Anyway, no big deal. Thanks for considering.


Yes, something like this is in my head for now ... together with some easy option to download missing HGT files if missing ...


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