Dynamic map cursor during guiding/navigation

Bucky Kid shared this idea 5 years ago
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Hello, I wish to extend the "Flexible map center" feature during navigation or guiding process:

Locus self will move the map cursor closer that display edge/corner at which the longest part of route ahead will be visible.

Because Locus knows to which compass direction leads the following track it shouldn't be hard to quickly determine where to place map cursor. With some additional sense Locus could determine how distant from real screen center will map cursor be (eg. based on current movement speed, the faster movement, the closer to screen edge).

This feature would be optional by user preference.

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Wow! Exactly what I am looking for and what i wanted to suggest. THIS WOULD BE INCREDIBLE!!

In fact this is an enhancement of the feature where the cursor is moved 25% down (and rotating map), but without the (confusing) necessity of the rotating map :-)

It might only be further improved, if there is no route to follow: than the cursor could just move away from the center in opposite direction of movement. The faster, the more.


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