Dynamic altitude - annoying error message if offline

tommi shared this problem 8 years ago

Using SRTM data for dynamic altitude is a nice improvement for Locus.

But if map center is moved out of the area with downloaded SRTM data you get the message "Problem with internet connection" every single time you move the map center if the phone is in offline mode.

I would prefer a more low-key behaviour especially as the error message doesn`t tell you why a internet connection would be needed.

What about either no bubble for the altitude or "?m" instead of the mentioned error message and an altitude of 0m?

Workaround: Of course I can switch off dynamic altitude at all to get rid of the error messages.

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hi Tommi, thanks for report. This is of course unwanted side effect. Removed nonsence notification window. Instead of it, I just show text "unknown".