Easier sharing of waypoint icons with desktop software through GPX

Barbudor shared this idea 9 years ago
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On PC, as there is not (yet ?) a desktop version of Locus ;) , I am using CompeGPS Land.

CompeGPS supports using ZIP files for waypoints icons just like Locus and I've been able to share custom icons between both software.

It also include a bad-looking garmin.zip file for garmin icons .

But no ZIP files for Locus' own icons.

Here are a few ideas to make this sharing smoother :

1) Could you please make available Locus and Garmin's icons as a locus.zip/garmin.zip files in order to be able to use the same icons both in Locus and CompeGPS ?

2) Could you please add a feature (checkbox ?) so that when exporting points to GPX, the icons is always specified ? As of today it is not the case if the icon is the same as folder icon.

3) Could you accept the alternative syntax for <extensions><locus>

Locus GPX export is :

  1. <extensions>
  2. <locus:icon>file:cistes.zip:waypoint-depart-sentier.png</locus:icon>
  3. </extensions>

CompeGPS rewrites as :

  1. <extensions locus:icon="file:cistes.zip:waypoint-depart-sentier.png">
  2. </extensions>

Both seems to me valid XML tags for the same.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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Up-ing this request. Specially point 2.

Thanks for consideration.

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