Easy track editing: Cutting a track into several sections

Hans-Peter Schöner shared this idea 2 months ago
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For editing the track of a whole day's activity (like changing between different activity modes) the workflow could be easier:

The long track often needs to be cut into several sections, because there might be hiking, riding and driving etc. sections or useless noisy sections (resulting from a stop in a building, or when you just forgot to turn off the tracker at the end).

The fastest way to start this is: mark all section endpoints with a pause in the original track (this is already possible, no problem).

a) Next step would be one new function to cut the track into pieces at all the pause points in one step.

b) Naming of the resulting subtracks should have the option of using the tracking time of the first point. (Or as first part of the name: If the original track starts with a time format and has some addition, then this addition should be added: So if the track name was "2019-12-01 08:05 Praha" this format would be kept, only with the adjusted time for each subtrack.)

c) An additional selectable option could be to step through the information headers of all resulting subtracks at the end (for editing with respect to activity mode, line type, ...).

This is a hopefully easier-to-implement work-around for the previously proposed function:

More flexible track segments: separated by mode changes or interruptions