More flexible track segments: separated by mode changes or interruptions

Hans-Peter Schöner shared this idea 2 years ago
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I use LOCUS often to document the complete day trip:

- drive by car to the starting location,

- take a bus or boat for some section,

- make a hike to a destination (pause there),

- hike back to the car,

- drive back by car.

It would be great if I could easily mark those segments for track statistics, for example whenever I change the mode of tranportation, or when (without changing the mode) I introduce a pause (by using || ). At the end of the day I would have statistics for the different modes, but still everything in one track file. This seems to me a great improvement over the actual constant lap length segments.

It would also be great, if the resulting track could be shown in different colours on the map, depending on the mode of transportation. Segments should be easily editable (change mode of tranportation, delete pauses, separate single laps, ...)

Future possible extension (using AI methods) would be to

implement a function, which suggests segmentation locations from looking at track properties:

- finding irrelevant segments (like sitting in a restaurant which was anyway recorded by gps)

- finding the location of first and last track crossings (for lap segmentation)

- looking at speed to separate between hiking and car driving segments



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Could this be implemented by allowing a change of Recording Profile from the Track Recording panel? I currently stop track recording the restart immediately when I change mode of travel. This of course results in multiple tracks for the day, but this is often (for me) better than a single track. But each would have advantages.


I think, you should leave a "like" at

in order to make this happen.



Hi, I would also be interested in something like this feature. We use Locus to collect fire information to send to our control, and need to collect the extent (the burnt area) and the active fire-front.

They are almost always on the same track closed extent and we often drive or walk around it and mark the two points which are the end of the fire.

It would be great if we could indicate this in Locus and paint the fire red and the rest grey,

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