Edit track doesn't work anymore

Miklós Jakab shared this problem 5 months ago
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Recently with one of the updates the edit track function stopped working. When I try to move the points or add new ones it says "process was successful", but nothing happens. The track resets back to how it was.

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Hi Miklós,

did you confirm the changes you made to the track? I tested track modification and all seems to work as it should, see the video: https://asamm.myqnapcloud.com/share.cgi?ssid=0kAArNA. The edited strack is updated in the track manager:


Or, is the problem somewhere else?



Hi Michal,

Thank you for your reply.

I see that it works on your machine. However this is the recording from mine (see attached).

Also an even weirder behaviour: the second time I tried to record it messed up the track quite a bit (second video).

Some details that may help:

- I used a smart watch to stop the track.

- so the track was the most recent (but actually it happens with earlier tracks also)

- my phone is a sony xperia XZ1 (G8342)

- Android build number 47.2.A.4.45 (i think it's the Android 9)

- Locus version: 3.36.2

Best regards,



Hi Miklós, could you please export the track for testing and share it here? Thanks