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Editing a route with two points

GarenKreiz shared this problem 8 years ago

More than 4 years after buying Locus Map Pro, I still find new uses for it. One of them is to help me identify the differents summits in a mountain panorama. For that I create a simple route between my current location and the possible summit : I can then use the azimuth and the distance to help find the summit.

But if I want to modify this route, for example to choose another summit on my map by modifying the location of the first or last point of the route, Locus gives an error message "Invalid shape (geometry) of defined item" when the item "Insert/edit trackpoint" is pressed after choosing "Edit on map". It doesn't happen if the route has 3 waypoints or if the route is just being created (the location of the head or tail can be changed before the route is saved).

It also prevents adding a third waypoint between the head or tail of the route (by clicking on the red dot on the segment in between).



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Good day Garenkreiz,

It took me while to find out why and mainly exact place, where you see this error message.

Unfortunately it is more an incorrect notification text you see. I've change it to next version to "Track with less then three trackpoints, can't be edited". I'm sorry, but this is how Locus is made - three points are minimum to start edit mode for a track.

Thank you for understanding.


Hello Menion

Thanks for clarifying the message.

I understand that 3 points are required when editing points in the middle of tracks but when editing one of the end, Locus only needs to process the adjacent points so it knows how to handle less than 2 points while editing. If you allow to edit a two points tracks, the program should fall into a use case that it knows how to handle.

A possible solution could be to automatically insert an additional point in the middle of the segment when requested to edit a two points track, the current edit procedure could be then called with a three points track. This point could be later deleted if necessary.

Locus Map is such a great program that it can be irritating to discover its limits :-)


Good day Garen,

I was just checking this functions once more and noticed that Locus already work correctly with last or first two points, there are no need for a three points (you may see it when you start edit start or end point on a track, with more then three points). So editing will be possible also on two points track, since next version 3.15.1.

Have a nice day,


Thanks Menion,

Great support as usual!

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