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Elevation in track list

Jan Götze shared this idea 4 years ago


it would be great to see the elevation of a track in the track list.

I have folders with planned tracks (or imported from GPSies). When I now want to select a track for a trip I need to open everyone to see the elevation.

I would be easier to see it in the list and would be great to have the option to sort by elevation.

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I fully support the request of Jan. Currently in the track list for each track it is shown the details on date, average speed, length, and time. For my purposes, I would like to replace the average speed with the information on "elevantion gain". A flexible steering of the 4 types of information to be shown for each track in the track list would be great!

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Hi guys,

sorting by elevation gain and also thanks to this, display of elevation gain in the list, is already implemented, already published in Beta version for testing and will be available in the new public version 3.36 next week. ;)



Hi Menion,

having the elevation gain shown in the track list when sorting be elevation gain works perfectly, thanks!

However, is there a possibility to permanently show the evelation gain in the track list, even if sorted by e.g. creation date? That would be just perfect! (would be fine if steerable only via config.cfg file)



Hello Christiph,

thanks for the additional idea. Agree > so next version.

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