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Elevation object in dashboard

Rob Vallen shared this problem 8 years ago
Not a Problem

I've noticed that the elevation object (up and down) on the dashboard show unrealistic values while recording a track. When afterwards checking the tracks statistics the shown elevation values are different, but realistic. Is this caused by a setting or...?

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Hi Rob,

values you see during recording are raw, measured values. When whole track is store, values are optimized (simply by moving average) and values you see are usually closer to reality. In case of altitude, I suggest to enable stronger filter in 'Altitude manager' ( ) , it may helps.

So generally, this is not a problem. It's just unclear behavior of Locus. Sorry for this.


Hi Menion,

Thank you for your feedback. I found the differences quit big, that's why I was not sure if the values in the dash were correct. At the end of recording the dash values read 500m elevation meters, while the tracks statistics read 122 m, which is more realistic for the route I've done. I will experiment with your recommendation.

Besides this minor "issue" I'm very happy with the app by the way!

Regards, Rob


Agree, difference is quite big. But you have to keep in mind, that Altitude from GPS is really very inaccurate. When you move on a flat surface, every new point may be usually in range +- 5 metres (in altitude) compare to previous.

So even on a flat surface, cumulated elevation is growing ... slowly. And simple averaging after you save your record, may help a lot here.

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