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robot hack shared this question 5 years ago

Hello Menion

During the last test of avg HRM I noticed a problem. After the ride I exported GPX to Strava, Endomondo and others, and elevation shows on statistical dashboard of Locus is much greater than calculated from the GPX file on that sites.

The funkction "Optimize GPS measured elevation" slightly reduced the difference, for example:

ride 71km, altitude min 206m, max altitude 395m (without pressure sensor)

- Strava Elevation 602m

- Endomondo Elevation 507m

- SportyPal Elevation 571 m

- Locus Elevation 816m

Who counted correctly? :-) Maybe it's bug?



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Good day robot,

never-ending topic about computed elevation summaries :). Cannot of course say which one is correct. Suggest to test it few times on tracks you know. Anyway you are not the first who wrote me that Locus reports higher values then other applications.

You may also try to use "Fill elevation" function in bottom tools menu of recorded track. This will fill values from Google server or offline elevation files and result should be quite precise.

I'll anyway have to soon look on these elevation values and check correctness of my algorithm, optionally improve it.


Yes, I know it is a never-ending story. Different devices, applications, sites...

Hmm, it is interesting. After receiving a "Fill elevation" function my last trip (MTB/road) practically unchanged elevation 816 -> 810 but one trip - very long and very flat (road only) 100km - changes of elevation 900 -> 600 m.

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