Eliminate Loading tiles using fast low rez map

Richard Brooksby shared this idea 6 years ago
Gathering feedback

Never show blank tiles with “Loading…”. Instead, keep a low rez map available so that the user can quickly pan or zoom to find a place by sight.

At the moment you cannot pan to find a place.

Maps are visual!

Google Maps does this right.

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Totally agree, these grey loading tiles greatly harm the look and feel of the app. This reduces the felt maturity and performance of Locus. I know it's a great app, but because of that it feels cheap.

A smoother panning and zooming experience should be high up on the agenda of e.g. @Menion


Such a pity that there is no solution. Makes Locus look so cheap. Anyone new to this app might think: wtf are these annoying flickering grey boxes.

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