Enable/disable auto turn off screen from menu

Paweł Łabaj shared this question 47 hours ago


Usually I have set Locus to turn off a screen after couple of seconds.

It would be good to have possibility to disable and enable that feature from menu (panel button).

I would like to have the screen turned on always when I am in a city and back to my common settings when I am in a countryside paths.

Maybe it is ready and I don't know how to set it up?

Is it possible to set custom function in panel?


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Not exactly what you ask for, so not by function panel, but a similar function is possible by a change in the config.cfg file.

By (single) wave proximity sensor display on_ off function. Set timeout to infinite display on, until dismissed by next (single) wave display off. A nice operating mode for cyclists with a phone mount on the bike handlebar, especially when nearing very complex area's. By the way by using phone (Samsung) with hardware home button by push button also wakes up the display.

See attached pdf > find the config.cfg change at page 4.


Hi @0709,

What the wave is?

I didn't get how your solution works.

Despite changes in cfg file, should I also do changes in settings like in the screenshots?


Gesture control. By a single wave or a double wave, as you prefer.

In order to use this function you have to activate it.

See Instellingen.pdf page 1 & 2.

Example of the functionality here:


Video example is by older Locus version !

By the config.cfg change there is NO auto screen turn off for a gesture wave control.


I'll try this settings tomorrow and let you know how it works


Locate exact Proximity Sensor position by the IR transmitter diode. Detect the Ir light transmitter by phone cam.



Hi Pawel,

Willy 0709 has suggested a really interesting solution. Nevertheless, you asked something a bit different, right? You can get controlling of the display behavior into the function panel by the "quick settings" feature (see https://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:user_guide:settings:quick_settings)

best regards

Michal Stupka

Locus team


@ Michal.

I suppose Pawel asks this for navigation, as he recently asked auto screen on/off without sound in another tread.

In the proposal settings shown in the pdf there is already selected and set: "Screen always on"

But @ navigate the screen on/off function by announcements or GESTURE has higher priority.

Any announcement, even silent ones by "Voice Mute", that triggers a screen on and off is by the time out set.

Unless by taconfig.cfg change the gesture control is set without a time out. And it seems the GESTURE control has the highest priority. So when the display is on by a GESTURE the next navigate announcements do not dim the display automatically by their time out set. Therefore the operations @ navigate do work perfectly.