Enabling Geocaching4Locus will remove visible waypoints

R5O.nl shared this problem 6 years ago

This is on an issue on integration level between Locus Pro (latest one) and Geocaching4Locus (G4L) (latest one). So maybe it is due to G4L, but let's see.


I have a cache stored in the DB in Locus, and it has one or more WPs.

G4L is not active; it is not yet showing caches I did not log as found.

I go into the cache and activate the WP. Result is that it is shown on the map, connected with a thin red line.

I can zoom in and out and the WP remains visible.

Now I activate G4L.

G4L will detect I have not yet found that cache and it will load it.

And it also results in the WP disappearing: it is not shown any more.

Now I deactivate G4L.

I again make the WP visible and it appears with a thin red line.

I can zoom in and out and no problem.

This is a bit annoying and also quite reproducible.

I remember that we had an issue in Locus half a year ago or so in which WPs would disappear.

That was fixed and now it started to appear again I thought.

But for me it is G4L together with Locus that somehow makes it fail.

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From my point of view it looks like bug in Locus Map. The add-on provide only data for Locus Map and it's on Locus Map to visualize them.

@Menion: Any idea what is wrong here?


Hmm, have to ask a few questions.

By activate/deactivate G4L, you mean "Live map"?

if so, then if you activate live map and waypoints dissapear, when you tap on a cache, you get two same cache points (one from Locus DB and one from G4L)? If you then open cache from Locus DB, in "waypoints" tab, you see waypoints as enabled?


Confirmed: I indeed mean Live Map. Then the unfound caches will start to pop up on the map.

And second also confirmed: when I tap on such a cache, then 2 choices pop up: one from Locus from the DB and one from G4L. This has always been like that for the past year+.

When I then go into the Locus DB and look in the stored cache, then the WP that was enabled before, is now disabled automagically. In that case I now normally first disable the live map in G4L and then go into the cache again and enable the WP. In that setup it will keep being enabled.


You made me a long evening due to this problem. I did an improvement, but well ... to be true, I have quite a complicated system in Locus around updating and handling all these possible data sources, that I really hope that changes I made won't have any side effect on another place. Fortunately always is possibility to publish another bugfix version.

So, you will see in next version, should be better now.


Ah, did not expect this impact, I need to admit. Looking forward to the next version then: thanks for now!


I just updated to Locus Pro 3.8.2: I tested and this issue appears to be fixed. Great!.

Close this one :)


Uff, perfect. My worried were correct ... in version 3.8.1 was issue caused by this fix, so within an hour, I had to release one more 3.8.2 version. My bad ...

Thanks for info, hope it will work for a while correctly :).