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Michael Bechtold shared this idea 9 years ago
Gathering feedback

1) Currently, the time stamp information is only shown if "Edit on map" mode is active. However, there is enough room to have 4 lines rather than three is the same space, which allows to show the time stamp in addition, regardless of track handling mode.

2) In any case, there is enough room to show the seconds, not only hours and minutes.

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I would be very glad to be able to customize the information shown in the popup when tapping on a track.

Maybe there are people or usecases needing the current info (see screenshot in attachment) but for my needs I would like to see

* date and time

* altitude

* speed

* time from starting the track

* distance from startpoint (this info is already shown)

It would be very helful to let the users define for themselves what to see in this popup.



I agree! Now I am capturing a screen shot of my dashboard every time I attach a photo waypoint (or is it a photo point, or maybe a camera point???) so that I can later view the location data (altitude, slope, etc) and my performance data (speed data, etc). Would love to have stats recorded automatically with each waypoint or point. Would also like to see a popup thumbnail of the photo.



When synchronizing photo sequences with a gpx track, it is very complicate to view the time stamp for each point. It would be brilliant to allow configurating individual fields to be viewed.

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