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zhaelon shared this idea 6 years ago
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I use the track creation daily during my motorcycle vacations and noticed some very easy additions, which would enhance the usability by far (please note that all these things are at creation time, so while the track is unfinished):

1) While traveling long distances, I often create a route and see how far I would like to travel that day and which routes to take. Now that I have a potential destination area, I check for hotels / etc and make a reservation. Back in Locus, I use Google Place search to add the place. But during track creation, Locus only allows to add the POI to the track, it disabled the option to save the POI. This is also true with sightseeing spots I try to look up while I am in the middle of track creation ;-)

2) When I create a multi-day route, for example about 1500 km, I often need to know how many km/miles it takes up to a certain point. If I click on the route, I get the information distance to start/end, but those are the previous and next definition points.

For me, this does not make sense, as I would rather see (at least in addition?) the distance to:

a) real starting point

b) previous POI / via point

c) the next POI / via point

d) real ending

I had one more point but can't remember currently... I will add it once I remember ;-)

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Second point from previous post is also interesting for me as I am driving a lot with my e-bike. So the possibility to see the distance between different points during the planning phase of a route would be nice.

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