Error code 95 while downloading offline map

Eero Jakobson shared this problem 11 months ago
Not a Problem

I have an old 2.3 android phone, running Locus Free 3.5.3. (I have a modern android with Pro version and several offline maps too) When I want to download offline map (Estonia LoMaps & Add...) it says Error 95 and does not dowload it. Is it possible to get modern offline maps for Locus Free 3.5.3.?

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Locus Store checks your version a do not allow to purchase/download map if your version of app is older then minimal needed version. I'm sorry but it's not possible to download latest LoMap in your old Locus app. You can only try to copy manually the downloaded map from new device to old one (map are store in /Locus/mapsVector folder. However I guess that old Locus won't recognize the LoMap properly and map won't work.

BR Petr