Every time I use locus map , it start again downloading maps

jean-Marie shared this problem 4 years ago

HelloI have an old google nexus 5

I bought Spain and Portugal maps (LoMaps & Addresses)

but I am still in France;

each time I use LocusMap, it start downloading again Spain and Portugal maps and elevation

Many thanks in avance

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Good day Jean-Marie,

this is of course unexpected behavior. In case, maps were correctly downloaded, they should not start download again. Is this your case? Were these two maps correctly downloaded before you stopped Locus Map? Also when app restore download after new start, it should start from place, where it previously stopped. So for example if 200 MB of Spain map was already downloaded, it should skip these first 200 MB. May you please check more precisely what happen in your device? Thank you and sorry for a complications.


many thanks for your fast answerWhen the download is finished for spain for example, I get "traitement réussi" (download successful) in place of amount downloaded, so everything looks normal, and I can display the map zoom, etc

you can see in attached file that he starts again download process from the begining , this appens each time I open your app

Thanks in advance


Good day,

thanks for additional information.

a) I've just improved saving of final state of download, so it should help

b) you may at least for now, by swipe to left/right, remove valid downloaded! item, that should also prevent from repeated download

Thank you for a bug report and let me know if same problem remains ( hope now ) in next Locus Map version.


Yes it looks OK now, many thanks for your fast answer


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