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Exchange contour lines or switch off the included and show custom contours only vector map

Markus shared this question 2 years ago


I can find 3 map files for locus Austria map., austria.osm.db and

Which of these files contains the contour-Line data ?

my plan is to use custom contour-Lines. (i have contours from my region based on 0.5 m height data) I want to show 5m contourlines when zoomed in. And 10m when more zoomed out...

It should be possible to use a contours only map, which i can switch on and off ?

Maybe i have to create my custom map, so is there a list which vector-Keys Locus can handle ?

I mean if i create a map, i have keys and values for each vector element. How to find out what locus "undersand" as waterway or as Alpine-Hut,...

greets from Austria

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Hi Markus,

honestly, I don't know what is the '' file - probably any alternative vector map. Anyway, the contour-lines are included in the map file itself. There isn't any external file only for contour lines. The vector maps in Locus are generated based on the Mapsforge project

So you need to generate own map using a map-writer module and prepare a custom theme for rendering the map in the Locus app

Honestly, I don't know if you have precise Digital terrain model (elevation data) or if you already generated the contour-lines but there is also another alternative: You can export the contour lines into raster *.mbtile format. There is a simple plugin for QGIS that's able convert QGIS data layers into .mbtiles format




Thanks Petr

I think in LoMaps Austria the contours are in Vector.

And i also want to try to generate a map. Reasons: i want to try if i can find out how to give each Map-Element a Name. (like when "click" on a point feature) OK, in Locus it works if i click on a Street with Addresses. then i get the Address. But i also want to get a Path-Name and what type of wood it is, and so on. (if i "click" on those features)

I generated Garmin Maps for my own. There all this was possible. Just with detailed height data its not working on Garmin outdoor devices.

Thanks for the Links and the Path i have to go. So i will spend some time in learning.

greets from Austria


Dear Markus,

I see. Anyway, the mapsforge vector maps don't offer (at least it's implementation in Locus) feature that displays the name of the element when click on it. You can only customize your theme to display directly all names in the map.


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