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Export Directional Waypoints from Navigation Generator into a POI database mapfolder.

0709 shared this idea 9 years ago

Export Directional Waypoints from Navigation Generator into a POI database mapfolder.


Track Navigate (unselect Navigate) and all Directional Waypoints are visible. From this screen now exporting these individual points position, selecting them one by one is possible to external map. The autogenerated pointnames are: Point 1, Point 2.


Start Track Navigate (unselect Navigate) and add possibility to export all Directional Waypoints but "auto"named by their respective Directional instruction into a map of the POI database. Into a POI map for example named: "Way".

Waypoint Naming convention: Use small letters, except one Capital or the most important letter in the naming. "Start,bearLeft,Left,scharpLeft,bearRight,Right,scharpRight,Finish."

Later.....more details.

The user is already free now to add new (way)points or (un)select or delete pointsinfo in POI folders.

And in POI folders there is already a Filter: to (un)select or delete points.

Example: Filter and unselect all the available bearLeft,bearRight "way"points.

0709 Willy.

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Hello Willy,

I understand your request, but to be true, I don't see any usage in it. When you export waypoints from existing track to any point folder, you'll never be able to use these waypoints again for voice navigation.


Hi Menion,

Perfect to use. A Question from MTB drivers in the forum auto display on.


MTB-bikers do not like the extended TTS Navi-instructions, but prefer a simple 'beep' annoucing on turns and auto display auto on. And the possibility to delete or add (warning) waypoint(s), then save and "share" the resulting "track with his merged (way)points". I already did a lot of practice tests on the bike, to see if that MTB idea is indeed nice in usage. It is !

To prepare such a track with Locus is possible, but for now this a +/- complicated operation. The final resulting file is +/- similar as those tracks with turninstructions generated by for example Gpspies. Even with only now that single beep and auto on display ( by POI notifier) already a very promising driving experience !

More here: see the pdf file = a "how to" but for the moment complicated ;-)

A track file here:

Output by the Navigation Generator, and then extra manual edit (if wanted or necessary). Usage is clear I think. Load the track, split these in 'naked' track an the waypoints into a Data map POI. Use the POI notifier. (Locus Free testversion).



SOLVED ! - > Recycle bin

Not needed anymore, by new version 3.4.0 Locus development.

.tcx and coursepoints support and using the Navi Voice "Samuel" !


Glad to hear it and thanks for information. I was little bit worried, that this topic may get a lot of votes, because I do not fully agree with it :).

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