Export GPX file to sd card - attachments gone?

Jochen Konietzko shared this problem 23 months ago


as I currently can't export tracks to OSM directly, I saved the GPX file of my latest track to SD card, in preparation for sending it to https://www.openstreetmap.org/traces/new .

Now, when I look at the track in Locus, all Audio recordings I have made during that trip are still listed as Attachments to the relevant points, BUT all have the file size "0".

Is this a bug or a feature?

...and how can I access those files again right from the recorded track?



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Good day Joachen,

I've just created a new track with recorded audio (that is attached to track waypoint) and event after export, attachment works as expected.

If there is size = 0, it usually means that app is unable to locate this file. All audio/video files took directly by Locus are stored in Locus/date/media directory, so you may check there manually if your audio files really exist. They will probably be named with "T_date_time_name" schema. There should be no automatic removing of attachments after export!



Thanks - the files were there, and...

-exporting indeed does not remove audio files - I tried it with today's two tracks,

-last night I had tapped on a few of the files recorded near the end of my journey; just now, looking at the whole directory, I found that - for whatever reason - yesterday's last six files all have zero size; the rest are o.k.



Oki, understand. Question is then, why just these few files have incorrect/zero size.

Please, watch this behavior on your device and in case, this happen again (hope not), create immediately log by this method: http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:faq:how_to_create_debug_log . In case, there will be any exception on background, it should be visible in this log file.

Thank you and sorry for your recorded files!