Export of manually drawn routes to OpenStreetMap

Auric Goldfinger shared this idea 7 years ago
Gathering feedback

I wanted to add some new paths to OpenStreetMap. I recorded part of it but most of it I have drawn manually based on a map overlay because the most recent data isn't available on Bing or any other satellite imagery.

When I uploaded the track to OpenStreetMap, it returned an error:

Found no good GPX points in the input data. At least 75% of the trackpoints lacked a <time> tag.

Sure, I didn't really record the track.

Would it be possible to e.g. export the create date as track point time so that the import does succeed?

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Good day Auric,

I've change your "problem" to "idea" as I really think, current solution is not a problem.

'm not an active contributor to OSM, so it is hard for me to make here some decision. Preventing of upload of manually created/not recorded tracks has some reason I believe and faking times of tracks seems wrong to me.

Anyway I would like to hear confirmation from more people that are active in OSM community to confirm one or another side of this.

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