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Export POIs to gpx with full icon filename

Balazs Goldschmidt shared this idea 7 years ago

When exporting POIs to gpx file, for non-default icons only the png filename is exported, without the including zip file. E.g. POI has icon from locus/icons/ When exported, only "apple" is stored in <sym> tag:


When importing gpx file, the icon is not shown.

Suggestion: store icon name as "", because that is supported. E.g.:


If done manually (i.e. changing in gpx file by hand all such occurances), the import works as expected.

Best wishes

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Good day Balazs,

are you exporting GPX files in version 1.1? Because in this case, in export should be extension, something like:

  1. <locus:icon>full path to icon</locus:icon>

so next reimport should correctly display required icon. May you confirm it?



I missed the advanced options. Now, when using gpx v1.1, it works as expected! :)

Thanks for the fast answer!

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