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Vlad Kuzba shared this idea 6 years ago
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Hi, Locus has now replaced my cyclo computer. Awesome piece of SW. A man is a lazy creature, so I was thinking if it would be possible to export a recordered track to multiple services/location. Let me explain.

I go for ride on my MTB. When I finish, the track is saved and automatically exported to Strava. Great! But, I would also like to export it to OpenStreetMap, as I almost always find a path which is not in OSM. And, I would also like to have the GPX track saved in my Dropbox folder.

This is what I have to do now:

  1. Start Locus again
  2. tap on menu icon
  3. tap on the folder
  4. find the track
  5. click the carret icon
  6. choose Export
  7. change the export type
  8. tap export
  9. Repeat
  10. Exit

Am I the only one who would love to have this automated? Would be, please possible to implement?


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Hi Vlad,

Although you could do exports of a track to multiple destinations easier than described by you as you do not have to exit Locus after each export but you could start the next one right after finishing the previous one, I still support your proposal as it would simplify exort tasks significantly.

Currently I'm exporting to VeloHero and to Strava. If it were possible to export a track to multiple destinations in one action I would export to

  • VeloHero
  • Strava
  • OSM

Best regards



Yes, the description was as perfect as I described, I actually don't exit Locus after each export :-). My usual "workflow" is as follows:

  1. Finish ride
  2. Tap on the windget to stop recording - Locus saves the track and starts uploading to Strava (my primary location for rides)
  3. Switch off the phone (screen) by pressing the on/off button.

When I next switch the phone (screen) back on, well that may be well an hour later and, if I'm not mistaken, Locus isn't running in the foreground anymore.


Hi guys,

have you heard about https://tapiriik.com/? This web app keeps your tracks synced across multiple sites, including Strava, VeloHero or Dropbox.


Yes, I use tapiriik as well as SyncMyTracks app. The problem with Tapiriik is, it fails to sync activities from time to time, Dropbox especially and there's no way to export to OSM. More or less the same goes for SyncMyTracks. The sync there takes a huge amount of time. I also use GPSies for some of my tracks and neither of these two can export to GPSies. Only Locus can.


+1 this would be very helpful feature ;)

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