Export coordinates by SMS

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Export coordinates by SMS

Currently, when I want to send the coordinates of a waypoint by SMS, how I do it:

1. I chose the point

2. I click on the icon "map" in the waypoint`s menu to have the map to be centered on this waypoint

3. I click on the share function

4. I click "share the center of the map"

5. I choose what I want to add SMS : Geohash, Google Maps ... etc.

6. I click share

7. I chose the SMS application to send SMS


1. Do not have to center the map on the waypoint for which I want to send the contact via SMS

2. But click directly on a waypoint on the screen and have the option of the menu above.

Good idea ?

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Hi Fifi,

Locus enables easily to share coordinates of specific point. Please see Locus manual page: http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php/manu...

Please, note – at this moment you can share only geohash URL but in next version of Locus will be possible to share coordinates in all ways as in standard sharing dialog




Thank you Petr.

Yep, i already knew by geohash export. Cool if the next version extends the possibility of other forms.

Thanks again !

Kind regards.


fine, I just updated "Share" button in context menu of point.

When you tap on it, in next version you`ll see pre-filled "Share map center" dialog with this point location. Hard to explain anyway you`ll see by yourself

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Great ! Many thanks !

(One more time ... ! :-) )


wow. some progress here:)


It should be possible to export coordinates in every of three flavours of WGS:

- x.xo

- xo x.x

- xo x` x.x"

Different people are using different devices, software and so on...


The dialog is weird and outdated. Currently, e. g. w3w has a special positioin, also facebook. Why? It should be possible to copy all flavors of positioning to another app, to clipboard...

Also, SMS are outdated, the term "send sms" is not what people may want. I want to quickly share map center position in a format of my choice. Depending on what I want to do with it or to who I send it.