Export POI + tracks + photo at once (export dream)

Rob shared this idea 11 years ago
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... I dream the impossible dream .... :-)

I come up with an old request: http://forum.asamm.cz/viewtopic.php?f...:

I would like to have an export function, where "with one strike" a selected track+POI+FotoPOI+correspondig fotos are exportet to a certain directory. I would use it to import in e.g. Google Earth or share with others via Dropbox or...

At present I have to search each item indiviually - or is there already a way how to do this?

My proposed way of work would be:

selecting a track ==> export - a popup window appears with selection possibilities :

export track with:

() POIs

() FotoPOIs

() acc. Fotos

so can choose what to export, just by tickmark it -->

"export to" : .... where you can create a foldername within the already existing export directory of Locus.

This would keep the export directory clean and well arranged.

Hope for votes of many users :-)

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edit to my dream:

a kind of "export as kmz" like it can be done in GoogleEarth would also help to summarize all trackinfos in Locus and export to .. whatever ...

My proposed way of work for a 2-days - hiking trip (example) :

1) Plan a Route for each day - directly in Locus.

2) Day 1: create a Trip-category: Trip_xyz_day1

3) Start tour: let me guide along the route, and record track.

all further actions (recorded track, taken waypoints/POIs, taken FotoPOis incl. Fotos, will be prenamed automatically with this CategoryName + timestamp of creation- no manually entering necessary during trip.

4) same with Day2: create category: Trip_xyz_day2......

End of journey: maybe rename some waypoints/FotoPOis, trackdescription, ... and export both Trip-categories - e.g. as kmz - to GoogleEarth. GPSIES,.... or as simple Directory to SD-Card... with ONE click.

This will cover 2 ideas: automatically naming of waypoints and POIs during trip and summarize ALL infos (incl. corresponding Fotos) for export and/or saving to Disc.

Any other ideas or autonaming of points and collecting infos for export are of course welcome...


"Export dream" is a very bad headline for this great idea :)


possibly along with another great idea...

(see https://getsatisfaction.com/locus/top...)

...would be perfect

creating on the fly and save all together with one step to a *.kmz sounds good.


Yes, please :-)


without reading directly this idea - export to KMZ is now implemented. It`s not exactly your export dream, but it`s on a good way I think. It`s already in testing version, or you can check it in next release version. I`ll gladly improve it ...


goooood to hear ! I wanted to test, but I do not find the kmz- export format.

Is it in testversion implemented ?

And where to select ?


try export "KML" and at bottom is "Pack as KMZ"


Any update on this one? When we export the track into KMZ type will it also include the POI?


Very ooold topic I see. I have still in head for all these years some "multi selection" tool where will be possible to choose tracks & points and export them at once. But as you see, nothing like this is still done.

Anyway to your question: if you export track, that has! attached waypoints ( visible in waypoints tab in track detail ), they should be exported into GPX as well.

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