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Exported gpx files are noisy and non-standard

joeloc shared this problem 8 years ago
Not a Problem

Locus seems to write horrible gpx files lately... they look more or less like

  1. <trkpt lat="43.093980000" lon="12.498906000">
  2. <ele>257.780000</ele>
  3. <time>2015-06-02T14:46:20Z</time>
  4. <pdop>6.000000</pdop>
  5. <extensions>
  6. <gpxtpx:TrackPointExtension>
  7. <gpxtpx:course>264.1593</gpxtpx:course>
  8. </gpxtpx:TrackPointExtension>
  9. </extensions>
  10. </trkpt>

I suggest stripping the precisions to something reasonable. 9 decimals for lat/lon is major overkill (use 5 or 6 max or at least strip trailing "000" rubbish at the ending of each number). Any decimals at all for elevation, course and pdop are probably nonsense. You could reduce the output size maybe by 50% without losing anything.

Also, the gpxtpx extensions are not included in the schema header, which makes the locus files fail in xml display tools (when you e.g. try to load one into chrome).

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Also... is there maybe a config file option to disable writing such extenion data? I am not interested in those and they blow the gpx file size totally out of proportion.


Hmm... please delete this thread. Locus gpx export files are actually fine, I am just a little blind and read the wrong data actually written by another app. Sorry.

I'd still like an option to disable track point extensions though.


Hi joeloc,

oki, so GPX is fine, good to hear. Option to disable extensions in export - just because of size of exported files? Hmm such option is not needed I believe, sorry.


You are probably already aware of this but does it help if you export as GPX V1.0 rather than V1.1? V1.0 doesn't include extensions.

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