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Exporting photos and conversion to shapefile

Andrea Bressi shared this question 7 years ago

Hi all, I'm struggling withthis great app, and I can't find a solution. When I export my points with photos it creates a kmz, after that I convert it to kml with GE Pro but my final goal is to obtain a shapefile with a field containing the photo name. The problem is that in kml description the photo name is in a unique "field" and I don't know to extract this single information and place it into a dbf field.

Anyone has some ideas?

Thanks in advance!!


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Hi Andrea,

i am not sure i understand your question.

Take a look on attached examples, unpack zipfile, double click .kmz on your PC with installed GE, next click on icon to open photo with filename and additional text.

Is this what you want?

Difference of both files is only displayed "pin icon" or "foto icon"


Hi, thank you for your aid.

As I said my final goal is to obtain a shapefile (ESRI format). I can create the kmz, I can open it with GE Pro and then I can save it as kml. In this way I can open it using QGIS. But when I open it, its attributes I can see all kml attributes stored in "description" tag all together, over all the name of the picture taken with the locusmap app. I need to extract the file name and put it into a unique field of the shapefile (the dbf part), so that I can create an hyperlink to be usable in QGIS.

I don't know if my explanation is clear enough, but I appreciate all contributes!




Hello Andrea,

I'm aware that we can not help you with this issue. I can only suggest to try export file like CSV file. That could be probably better for you. Locus exports images into folder *_attachements into the same location as exported *.csv file. Csv table contains column with location of image attachments. I guess that you can use CSV table for further edit to DBF file. On other hand I don't have any expierence with dbf but it should help.

Thank you



Thanks for your suggestion, but I tryed to export in that way (csv) in dropbox and Locus reports a problem and doesn't do nothing. So I created a folder in my device and it did his job.

Now the problem is: if I have a lot of points with pictures this procedure takes a lot of disk space and time. Maybe Locus should be able to create a folder in dropbox during export?

Thanks in advance!

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