Exporting tracks and point together

Ciprian Tudoran shared this question 4 years ago


I would like to export a GPX file from Locus that has both the track and some additional points. It seems that I cannot do that, but export the points, then the track and manually add the points to the track.

Can this be done at the moment? If not, is this a future plan?

Thank you!

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Hi Ciprian,

As Willy has put it, it's not possible at the moment to pick a track from one folder and some points from another and export them in one bundle. It is a future plan. Now it's possible to export only a track that contains waypoints "in itself", i.e. the waypoints are added via track recording controls - as such, they are merged with the track and can be exported together.


Hello, any known way of importing route with points into garmin? Thanks.

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