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Exporting tracks -> process unsuccessful

A. Weber shared this problem 4 years ago
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these days I tried to export tracks from Locus. I've chosen the same directory as I use for Locus Backup, located on the external SD-Card.

When I press "Export" a small popup displays with "process unsuccessful" but without further details. As auto backup works with this directory, I don't think that it's a permission problem.

Exporting into a directory located on internal memory works.

What can I do to troubleshoot this problem and get the export working into the same directory as the auto backup uses?

Thank you,


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Good day Andreas,

it currently is a permission problem. Better ... support for export to SD card is not yet (after all these years, sorry) implemented in Locus Map. If you setup backup directory in app settings, by this you confirm and give Locus Map permission to write to this directory. This is not yet done for many other tasks like export of tracks.

So for now, please use internal memory or any supported cloud storage. Thanks for understanding.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hello Menion,

during my bicycle tours I use my Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android 6) for navigating and for recording the track. Due to its poor capacity of internal storage (only 16 GB) I changed the main directory of Locus to the predefined folder on the external SD card (64 GB), i.e.


Even then the export is refused with "process unsuccesfull". The export of the ,gpx to a supported cloud storage or sharing with email or a messenger is a solution, but as I have no SIM card in my S5, I cannot export without WiFi.

Do you mind if I make a feature request for enabling the export of tracks to the SD card?



Interesting, I was quite sure that such an idea already exists, but can't find it now.


  • because we just removed support for older Android 4.x, it simplifies our lives a little, so this task is finally doable
  • on the second side, I need to spend some time on improvement in app usability (main & points & tracks screens), so this task will have to wait for a little.

It is anyway little weird that with Locus Map stored in the mentioned path, export does not work. You set Locus Map to this directory over settings > misc > Default directories > Set root directory?


Hi Menion,

I remember that there were a lot of discussions when Android prohibited the write access to the external SD for 3rd party apps. Until today I don't understand why Google made that, because the write access to the internal card may be much more harmful and is still allowed.

Anyway, in the meanwhile I deinstalled LocusMapPro and re-installed it. This time I choosed the 1st, and not the 4th option for Locus' root folder which was already preselected after installation. Image German version



I let it and continued. I was suprised that folders mapsVector, backup, and export still reside on folders on external card as it was prior to deinstallation, although I didn't change export folder, as I know that it doesn't work



It would be nice if you could change the behaviour in the near future, i.e. if a folder points to an existing folder it should work. In the meanwhile I found a workaround: Instead of exporting a track to internal or external card I share the track with TotalCommander (my favourite file manager) which allows to select the folder where I wish to save the GPX-track on the external SD.




Good day Ulli,

why Google made this change since Android 5 and why it still keep it is also a mystery for me. But as well as many other changes, I see no big benefit in it, also as you wrote: the same limitation is not on the internal memory, only on SD card, crazy.

Interesting is that the Android system restored all app settings after re-install. Should be definitely better if not all settings will be restored.

Anyway, not sure if I may help with something now.


I have the same problem on galaxy S20 plus with Android 10

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