Extend clipboard functionality to more coordinate formats

Nico shared this idea 3 years ago
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Since the clipboard is only working with LatLong coordinates, I would love for this function to be extended to UTM and MGRS and maybe even other formats. It should be possible to determine the coordinate format automatically, maybe even by the number, position and type of letters.

If more than 3 digits at the beginning ? Latitude Longitude

If 2 digits followed by 1 Letter = UTM

If two digits followed by more than 1 letter = MGRS

etc. for other systems

Maybe I'm overlooking something, but I haven't found a single app that is able to automatically determine the format of coordinates that are entered and it seems so easy to me. Or maybe my use case is very unusual, we often use this app in search and rescue and usually get very different types of coordinates from different sources.

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