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Petr Moravec shared this idea 9 years ago
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Hello i would appreceate if Locus dashboard can:

1. Show battery status (charging/discharging) and percentage of remaining bat. capacity. Now there is such a item in dashboard (Sensor->battery), but it shows always 0.

2. Show graph of any quantity in dashboard instead of actual value. It will be very good to, for example, indicating speed and altitude history. My idea is let users to define size, transparency, position, etc. of graph(s), which quantity (? or quantities) to show, and define x-axis (time or distance or any other) either for fixed time frame (i.e. show last 10 minutes of tracking, or last 2 km) or automaticaly recalculate from start to current position (resp. time).

Thank you,


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Hi Petr,

Menion collects dashboard wishes here:


Please repeat your requests there. Thanks.


I`ve already added link to this topic on forum topic ;)


Ok, many thanks for your tip.

I will repeat it there.

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