Failing to import points from GPX file

Ray James shared this problem 30 days ago
In Progress

I have been using Pro version for years and have always been very happy with it, but it seems broken at the moment. I have about 550 points which I occasionally delete and then download and import an updated GPX file with latest points.

Suddenly it stops importing every time after only 37 points. Every time. It cannot be a corrupt GPX file because I tried it with older backed-up GPX files.

I tried to manually edit the GPX file and removed the 38th item, then it stops importing after the 59th point.

I have attached the latest GPX file.

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Dear Ray.

I´m sorry. This is a bug in GPX import. We are releasing version 3.46.2 bug fixes. Thank you.

Best regards.

Adela Voldanova