Fallback routing service chain

Libor Poutnik Striz shared this idea 3 years ago

It could be very convenient to be able to define in Locusmap Navigation configuration something like "Fallback routing service chain", defining LocusMap actions, if the primary routing service is out of order.

Aside of the convenience, it could prevent user reports about not working LocusMap map navigation.

The fallback event could trigger the user notification, like: "Mapquest routing not available, used YOURS instead".

An alternative could be, after the failure message, to allow user switch the service and calculate the same route via the new one.

The current state may lead many users to "What to do now ?" confusion.

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Good day Libor,

thank for an idea. I have to decline this as it simply does not make sense. From logical point of view ... if one service do not work, alternative is not using different service that gives different, unexpected results. Solution is to contact owner or in the end, remove this service. From technical point of view ... this should need some mapping between services and we do not even talk about some parameters where one service allow disable routing on highways, where second don't, etc..

Anyway good idea with notification ... I may now imagine some nice notification that forward user to BRouter service, once we will be satisfied with how it works.

Thanks, I'll keep this in my mind.

You have also got this idea based on few request last days. Hope it won't repeat too often :). Thanks for good idea anyway.


it does have sense, if the outage is temporary... If you are in car, you will not contact admins of Mapquest or YOURS service... :-) you may be interested to get ANY result and to get it NOW :-)

No interservice mapping was expected, service specific would be abandoned, just start, destination, and transportation mode. Suchswitching would be confirmed by user, with the warning of possible different results.

The intertion was to automate the necessery user manual actions, if the user does have need to be navigated now, i.e is switching the service. Some users may be confused about needed operations.

Alternative suggestion is to display short "quick card" guide, what to do to use other service.


There must be some advantage in being able to fallback from an online routing service to an offline router.


There is, like e.g. temporary service unavailabilty, ( server down, or service licencing issue like for MapQuest in past ), or network is not available ( areas of bad coverage ( e.g. in Central Australia ), or local bad GPs signal in valleys, or avoiding or no data in roaming scenario.

Aside of that, if bicycle routing is concerned, there must be some advantage for fallback from offline BRouter routing to online services. :-)