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Fast route planning results in navigation issues

Uatschitchun shared this question 6 years ago

When planning a route using the fast way to shape the route, clicking crossroads results in route being calculated just a little into the wrong direction (accuracy) leading to misleading instructions.

Instead of a right turn, for instance, it's a few meters left, then a turn and straight ahead. :-(

What's the best way to avoid this and be reasonable fast in planning still? I changed planning with not hitting crossroads, but paths shortly behind crossroads...

What's your way doing it, drawing routes fast and have correct navigation

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fast planning mode can have drawbacks in misinterpreted cues as the shaping points are not put in accurately. This is remarkable above all at intersections. We recommend putting shaping points out of intersections or use accurate inserting by map cursor and point adding buttons.


Thanks, so the way I've changed my planning (add shape point before or after the intersection) is the way to go fast, but stay accurate.


More or less... it depends on what level of accuracy you prefer and on the used routing service.

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