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Favourite icons

PawelS shared this idea 6 years ago

My idea is to give users an option to group useful icons in one place, ideally from different icon packs, at least at the beginning of pack. Now one to have to remember that after a few screens there is somewhere the needed icon.

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I like this idea, but after reviewing the manual on custom icons

I decided to create my own set.

I am using map icons a lot, so some time ago I needed more than the standard Locus set. I started to use Nicolas Mollet’s icons; they can be downloaded for free within Locus, and they come from the Maps Icons Collection, (CC BY SA 3.0). They are of the same style as the Locus icon set.

But there are just too many of them (more than 1300 icons - thanks to Nicholas for this contribution). I made a selection of 188 of them and introduced some modifications - this is specifically allowed by the original icon set. The icons are clustered by several categories and colours.

Together with some geometric markers, this new set covers basically all of my needs. (see attached file It is a kind of compromise between the good Locus standard icon set and Nicolas’ complete collection.

Take the .zip file and place a copy of it in the folder Locus/icons on your device. That's it.

If you want to customize the order or delete / add some icons from other sources: look at the info.xml file with a text editor - it is self explanatory if you study the xml structure.


Hi, maybe this bundle is interesting for others, I created for navigation, kayking, skiing.

For me it fits well.


Nice is that you can add "custom" Icon packages in your personal Locus map app.

It is less pleasant that with gpx file sharing the counterparty has to pre-install the package.

Ideally, the receiving party should not have to pre-install anything extra.

Sharing as kmz file supports this, but icons by kmz does not transport the sym navigation info.

Sharing as gpz file is perhaps also possible? But nothing like this has ever been developed nor offered.

Locus import does supports zipped gpx with a corresponding folder with the (image) attachments.

However, there is still a lot of manual 'messing around actions' needed to compile this as a zip.

The gpx viewer app instead smartly uses the gpz extension to support (image) attachments.

And by clicking a zip file in Android mostly does opens the unzip app, is annoying.

Gpx viewer uses more optimally the gpz extension with an association to the gps app.

@ Menion.

See one gpx example found with sym (link in extension) to an external Icon source.

Could you do something like this with gpz (zip), with AND an (image) folder AND an Icon folder?

And this without placing extra clutter neither in the gpx cmt nor in the gpx desc.


Hi guys,

nice idea. In next Locus Map Pro/Locus Map 4 version will be support for "Recently used" icons. So the last 25 icons will be available in a separate category.

@0709, this is a completely different story ... , sorry


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